Matthew AllenPhysiotherapist

Matthew Allen<span class="position">Physiotherapist</span>

I’m extremely determined when it comes to treating my patients and getting them better and have successfully treated patients with all kinds of aches and pains.

Happily, I love nothing more than to research and solve a problem! I’ll often approach my patients’ individual ‘puzzles’ from a completely different angle, reading up on the latest techniques in order to solve them.

I also help people to deal with the wider emotional/psychological issues that they sometimes face as a result of injury or limited movement, over and above their physical symptoms.

In my spare time, I have a real passion for food and love experimenting in the kitchen, finding new ways to enjoy healthy food, as well as searching out good restaurants.

In my sporting life

My indulgence is chocolate and I love my puddings!! So I try to offset this by remaining active, regularly exercising in the gym and going for runs. I also enjoy walking in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.

Some of my qualifications

I trained as a physiotherapist in Manchester, and have worked in private practice throughout West Yorkshire for the past six years.