Ali’s Story – A Squat too Far

Ali’s Story – A Squat too Far

Back in 2016 I decided to try and do something about my chronic muscular tightness and had been using yoga to try and alleviate it. This seemed to be helping but one Saturday I was in a HIIT class and during deep box jump squats I felt a sharp pain in my groin.

I attended BPP a few days later and Jacqui was quite concerned and mentioned the words “labral tear” which I had to google!

Subsequently I saw Prof Schilders, a specialist in hip surgery at Yorkshire Clinic and he diagnosed a labral tear in my right hip, brought about by an underlying condition called femoroacetabular impingement (your turn to Google!).

The prospect of arthroscopy with a long rehabilitation was a major setback for me, and being a lone parent of three it was all the more a worry. However, with the support of family and friends (especially at work) I went ahead with the surgery in August 2016.

My rehabilitation under the care of Matthew was mostly textbook – I was careful to comply with his recommendations and am happy to say that I’ve been discharged by Prof Schilders. My fitness is where I want it to be – I can do most gym activities, tolerate high impact classes, run medium distances at a good pace and lift moderately heavy weights.

It takes time to get fully fit after such an injury and my best advice is to “do what the physio tells you to do!”