Physiotherapy at The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice is firmly grounded in hands-on manual therapy. All our therapists – Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabilitator and Sports & Exercise Therapist alike – will conduct their initial consultation using a variety of assessment methods to assess your dysfunction and work out the best treatment and rehabilitation program for you.

Our initial consultations are 1 hour so that we have time to hear your story and medial history, conduct a thorough assessment to identify the underlying cause of your problem, and develop and initiate an individual treatment plan. The follow up appointments will usually be 40 to 45 minutes in length so that we can continue to spend time with you as you progress.

All treatment will involve hands on manual therapy, mobilisations, soft tissue and myofascial release, movement retraining, motor control training, exercise prescription and ongoing rehabilitation.

Our movement-based approach to physiotherapy consistently delivers fantastic results for all kinds of people with different lifestyles, and we’ve gained a track record of making people better.

Having now reached my mid-forties and been active since junior school playing a variety of sports, I am keen to keep myself healthy in every respect. But mainly to manage my weight! I now regularly run and cycle but over the last 12 months have suffered with multiple calf injuries which have curtailed my ability to train and stay fit. In an attempt to resolve this, I turned to Jacqui and the team knowing their ability to work with a variety of clients and their problems. I approached them not to give me a short term solution but to try and resolve what could be a more deep seated issue relating to historic sporting injuries For the last 2 months I have therefore been working with Matt to assess the root of my problems and to create a long term solution. This has resulted in taking me from not being able to run at all to being able to push my training distance back up to 6-8 miles


In addition to 1:1 treatment we now offer 1:1 Rehabilitation sessions, to take you beyond your physiotherapy and back to your life. Rehabilitation is the process of getting yourself back from an injury to reach you goal, whether that be playing sport or just being able to walk to work comfortably. Your therapist will be able to advise you on whether you would benefit from this service as you progress through your treatment with us.

For further information on what will happen during your assessment and treatment please see What to Expect

We also now offer vouchers for all of our services. So if you want to give someone the gift of treatment contact us or call in to our practice to enquire about our vouchers.