The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) is an evidence-informed, clinical framework for the assessment and treatment of dysfunction and injury within the body. It identifies the primary barrier preventing change for the individual with the goal of treatment being to facilitate improved strategies for movement, function and health by promoting a change in the physical, cognitive and emotional behaviour of the patient.

Simply put, it is high-quality, clinical reasoned, hands-on physiotherapy. Your therapist works with you and considers all the factors that can influence your problem; this includes lifestyle, general health, activity levels and goals, alongside any beliefs and emotions that you may hold related to the situation.

The assessment of the problem looks to identify the driving factor for the problem rather than just treating the painful region of the body. This makes it less likely that the problem will reoccur, as the treatment release and removes those physical, cognitive and emotional barriers that are contributing to the problem and then teaches new, optimal strategies for function that relate to your goals and meaningful tasks.

The ISM was developed over 10 years ago by Diane Lee and Dr. LJ Lee, two Canadian physios, and preeminent international lecturers and teachers. The approach has been taught ever since, as a 15-day postgraduate course, all over the world including the Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan and the USA.

The framework has evolved to incorporate new and emerging research and is an evidence-informed based methodology. It incorporates all types of treatment techniques including those traditional manual therapy techniques which you may be familiar with, as well as looking at the Visceral System, the Cranium and Dura, alongside the joints, muscles and nerves.

Our practice director Jacqui Taylor, having completed this course originally back in 2009, has gone on to assist both Diane and LJ on their respective courses, most recently working on the 2019 UK series at The University of Chichester.

Jacqui is currently working on developing a program of workshops with another ISM certified practitioner, Jen Cardew, to facilitate ongoing learning for this year’s 2019 graduates.

We also now offer vouchers for all of our services. So if you want to give someone the gift of treatment contact us or call in to our practice to enquire about our vouchers.