Unfortunately we are unable to run classes at the moment due to the COVID pandemic

What are our classes?

Our classes are opportunities for people to learn and develop exercises under the supervision of our clinical team.

This means that any difficulties or difference in the performing of the exercises can be easily corrected and adapted for your body’s needs.

The classes provide a group of around 6 to develop together in a fun environment.

Each class will have a main aim that all the exercises work toward, for example injury prevention. The exercises will be easily taught to you so that you can perform them at home if you chose to do so.

What do you need to bring?

You will need to wear appropriate and comfortable clothing similar to what you might wear to the gym.

You may wish to bring a drink with you for during the class.

Bring you’re A game. To get the most from these classes you need to give full attention and maximum effort into the control of each movement.

Our Current Classes

Introduction to Strength and Conditioning/Injury Prevention

This is a class based around basic strength exercises which can help to reduce risk of injury. All the exercises can be progressed and regressed for any person’s ability and are just a start into the world of strength and conditioning.

Getting Active Without Getting Injured

This new class aims to give you to tools to return to activity or increase your activity levels, without getting injured. This is done by working through the key areas of injury prevention in a controlled environment learning and perfecting exercises and technique to help reduce you risk of injury.

To find out more information about our classes call us on 01274 565 669 or email us at office@bingleyphysio.com

We also now offer vouchers for all of our services. So if you want to give someone the gift of treatment contact us or call in to our practice to enquire about our vouchers.