Skinny Bob

Skinny Bob

My role at The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice is to welcome clients into the practice, and to assist the Physios with their diagnosing and to help clients understand their bodies and how they work.

I’ve worked with Jacqui and the team for nearly 10 years now! It’s been great to work alongside such amazing therapists and equally as rewarding to watch the practice thrive and to see how the therapist’s knowledge has grown over the years.

The best part of my job is probably getting to meet so many interesting people.

When I’m not working, I enjoy taking in some fresh air and hanging out with my favourite doggy pal Jess. I also love people watching, and when I’m in my favourite spot in the window, I get to see some right sights!! 🙂

I do enjoy trying new activities, although my recent go at swimming didn’t end well.. turns out skeletons don’t have much buoyancy!!!

My qualifications include advanced Anatomy and Human Biomechanics, and a BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy

Over the years I have helped tutor many undergraduate Physios. I love learning and helping others achieve their goals.