What is rehab/prehab?

Rehabilitation is the process of getting yourself back from an injury to reach you goal, whether that be playing sport or just being able to walk to work comfortably.

Pre-habilitation is where we can put things in place to try and prevent injuries reoccurring or happening in the first place. This is most commonly through exercise injury prevention programmes but can also include manual treatments too.

Both rehab and prehab work in similar ways by first understanding a person’s personal goals and the working out how best we can reach those goals.

This then gives the basis for what areas need to be targeted and what exercises and treatments will achieve this in the best way. This is called a needs analysis where we can plan your exact needs.

This works best in 1-to-1 scenarios as everyone’s needs are different even if they have the same end goals.

What to expect

Each session will be prepared to meet your needs analysis. You will complete various exercises in the session then be given some key exercises to do at home before your next session.

Make sure your wear something you are comfortable exercising in and that is suitable for the area being worked on. Such as shorts if your programme is based round the knee.

The sessions are 40 minutes long which will include a brief overview of how you have been getting on as well as the sessions exercise programme

To find out more information about our rehab/prehab sessions call us on 01274 565 669 or email us at office@bingleyphysio.com

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