The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice has been helping the people of Bingley and beyond since Jacqui, the Practice Director, established the business back in 2008. We moved to our current location at 106 Main Street in 2018, which has enabled us to expand and enhance our service offering to our clients.

We are now a team of highly trained Physiotherapists,and a Sports & Exercise Therapist with a successful track record in treating injury, dysfunction and pain, which means you can carry on living your life, doing the things that you love and are passionate about.

Whether you have a sports injury, arthritis, whiplash, neck or back pain, headaches or ante/post-natal issues, we treat all our clients with a ‘whole body, whole person’ approach, rather than just treating the painful part of your body; creating an individualised treatment plan to meet your specific needs meaning that your problem has far less chance of recurring.

We also look after many members of the Saltaire Striders, Trail Snails, Bingley Harriers, Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club, Bradford Amateur Rowing Club, Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club among many others, who bring us their share of sprains, aches and pains. We help to keep them fit and well-prepared to perform at the top of their game!

Our Approach

Through our wide range of experience and expertise we are able to offer a variety of approaches to your treatment, including the Integrated Systems Approach (ISM) (Link to page); Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy; Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Therapy, Acupuncture; Soft Tissue and Myofascial techniques, Exercise Rehabilitation; Pre-habilitaiton (injury prevention), Taping and Shockwave. This breadth and depth of expertise enables us to create the right treatment approach for your individual, differing and unique needs.

Please take a look at our Services page for more details of what is available.

We are unique in Yorkshire in offering the ISM approach. We are the only physiotherapy practice in the region having physiotherapists who have completed the post-graduate training with two of the leading, internationally recognised physiotherapists and educators, Diane Lee and Dr. LJ Lee. Furthermore, Jacqui has assisted both Diane and LJ on their training programs both here in the UK and Ireland and trained with them in Canada. ISM is an evidence-informed, clinical reasoning framework that considers all the factors that influence a client’s experience of their problem and factors that may be impacting the recovery process. It takes into consideration the whole body in the assessment.

Our approach is to diagnose which movement impairments in your day to day life, recreational or sporting activities are causing your pain or dysfunction, taking into account your general health, lifestyle, activity levels and goals. Then we work with you to enable you to re-educate your body to use the correct optimal movement patterns and allow you to return to those activities.

This is how it works:

  1. We work out which movements in your day to day life, recreational or sporting activities are causing you pain whether that’s simply walking up the stairs or cycling the hills of Yorkshire.
  2. We establish what the primary driving factor of your pain is in your body and treat it accordingly. This frequently isn’t where the pain is; but is what’s causing the pain elsewhere in your body.
  3. We then work with you to re-educate and correct your body’s movement patterns, retraining you to move better, resulting in a more enjoyable, pain-free lifestyle.
  4. Because we treat the underlying cause of your problem, rather than just treating the symptoms, your condition has far less chance of recurring.

Rehabilitation and Exercise Classes

With the addition of our Sports Rehabilitator and Sports & Exercise Therapist to the team, we are now offering 1:1 Rehab sessions to complement and take you beyond your ‘hand-on’ therapy and back to fitness for your life. Both of our new therapists can offer Manual therapy assessments and treatments alongside the rest of the physio team, and support all of the team and our clients with 1:1 Rehab sessions and group classes. We are excited to be able to offer our clients this service to further enhance their recovery and return to sport, health and fitness beyond our ‘hands-on’ treatment.

…for the past 10 days I have shared photos that remind me how much running means to me. I have added one more today just to say a huge thank you to the one lady who I couldn’t have continued to run without and certainly couldn’t have achieved what I did last year. Thank you Jacqui Taylor for all your advice, support and encouragement to keep going ❤


The way we treat our patients

There are certain values that are especially important to us, and help us to give the best, personal service to all of our clients:

  • We’re fully trained experts, but we continue to spend time researching and investigating to make sure we help everyone as much as we can;
  • We treat each of our clients individually, creating a personal treatment plan, and we always follow up on their ongoing recovery;
  • We make people aware of their posture and how they move each day, because we know that improved posture will help them to remain pain-free throughout their lives.
  • We all have the same approach and give the same high level of service.