Alison’s Story – Riding to Success

Alison’s Story – Riding to Success

I have been going to Jacqui at The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice for 5 years. My first appointment was for lower back pain exacerbated by a desk bound job combined with a return to horse riding after a 10-year break.

I had a few more treatments for back, shoulder and neck pain but I now try to take a proactive approach and book in for regular, preventative sessions every 6 weeks which keep me pain free and in shape for my riding. Jacqui has helped by providing exercises to do in between sessions, and she has also made recommendations to improve my posture while at my desk and while driving.

As an amateur dressage rider, I am quite aware of my body and my posture and am working to correct a slight twist in the ribcage which can affect my riding position and the influence I have on the horse. I am now working towards advanced level dressage which requires finer, more precise movements and the ability to use the core to stabilise while isolating certain muscle groups.

I also work with a personal trainer to try and address some of the areas of asymmetry and to strengthen my core and glutes and loosen my shoulders, which can become tight resulting in a round-shouldered posture. I feel that regular physio has made a definite contribution to the last two years of competition which have been extremely successful. I came second in the Advanced Medium Bronze Area Festival Final, qualifying for the Winter Championships in April 2019. I also rode in my first Advanced test which meant I could compete in a tailcoat for the first time.

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