Sponsorship of Junior Rugby at Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club for 2019/2020

We are delighted to be supporting one of our local sports clubs by sponsoring the Junior ‘Bees’ Rugby.

Here at The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice, we are not only passionate about treating injuries, but also helping to prevent injuries occurring, whether that be by implementing strength and conditioning or helping to educate how to best optimize training for injury prevention. These strategies can be started at any age or level of sports, we hope to help the players at Bingley Bees develop as athletes and keep them injury-free so they can enjoy the beautiful sport of rugby.

In early December, one of our therapists, Tom (BSc Sports and Exercise Therapist) spent some time with the Bingley Bees U11 team at one of the weekly training sessions. The main aims of working with the Bingley Bees teams is to help introduce and develop the fundamental physiological skills needed to perform optimally and help prevent injuries.

By working with the players at the club, Tom is helping to develop optimal movement patterns and muscle activation while training and playing rugby. A key aspect of this is developing hand-eye coordination, developing these skills at a younger age yields the best results as children’s neural plasticity allows for a faster and greater adaptations to this kind of training.

Moving forward working with Bingley Bees, Tom will helping to educate the players on the importance of warming up/ cooling down, Proprioception and coordination training and what they can do as athletes outside of training to best enable them to play and train to their best ability.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing at the club then please do get in touch via office@bingleyphysio.com or call us on 01274 565 669.