We wouldn’t expect you just to take our word for the high standard of work we deliver and the great results we achieve.

Clients of The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice, past and present, have given us plenty of glowing testimonials. If you would like to give us any feedback, please send it to jacqui@bingleyphysio.com

“I came to The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice because I had a very painful hip. I have used the practice before for other problems so I knew I’d be in good hands.  My hip was very painful and stiff and this was starting to interfere with my daily activities.

Jacqui worked out what was happening in my body and how I was moving to make my hip so sore and explained what changes happen in one’s joints when you have osteoarthritis. Over a series of weeks she did a lot of ‘hands on treatment’ to improve how both the hip and rest of my body was moving and built up the exercises that I needed to do at home to make it better going forward.

My treatment has been excellent and attentive and I have understood what Jacqui did each time and how I can help myself.

I’ve now got an exercise regime that I stick to each day and so I’m pretty well pain free and doing everything I want to do and I hope staving off the day when I need a hip replacement.

I can’t praise Jacqui and her team too much.  They have been so kind and efficient arranging appointments, giving me drinks etc and above all providing an outstanding physiotherapy service.  I know where I shall go the next time I have a problem.”

Barbara, Osteoarthritis of the hip


“Absolutely brilliant!! I would recommend you pay a visit to Jacqui. She certainly got me sorted out.”

Sheila, treated for back and knee pain


“Thank you for all your help. A lifesaver, to both of us. You make us feel 10 years younger!”

John & Maureen, treated for back pain and arthritic knees

“Many thanks. I was in terrible pain & very much better after only one session. Now feeling I have mobility back and pain free.”

Karen, injury to coccyx from a fall

“Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Nothing seems to phase Jacqui. She has been a great help and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with sports related injuries.”

Jeff, keen runner, lower limb and foot problems

“I can highly recommend Jacqui to anyone having joint or muscular pain. My son recommended I visit Jacqui when I had neck, arm and shoulder problems as she had been a tremendous help for his sporting injuries.

My problems were caused by repetitive strain injury due to work and also caring for an elderly relative. Jacqui was very friendly and put me completely at ease. She gave me a thorough assessment, manipulation, simple exercises, stretches and advice.

I hadn’t realised that, to compensate for the pain, my posture was out of alignment which was making the problem worse.

I only needed to see Jacqui twice and now I just remind myself of the advice she gave me if I feel any twinges!”

Jane, RSI problems, 53, Bingley

“I’ve been to see Jacqui for physio on two occasions, firstly for a posture related problem and more recently in 2011 for muscular problems due to the intensity of my triathlon training. I really like the way she considers the whole body when addressing a problem, rather than the area of pain in isolation.  I feel that there has been a notable improvement in my sporting ability and performances as a result.”

Michelle, 31, Triathlete

“I have had recurrent neck problems for some years – with pain, limited mobility at times, and severe headaches – due mainly to spending all day at a desk/computer screen.

Jacqui was recommended by my Pilates teacher. She did a thorough assessment, identifying underlying causes as well as treating my symptoms. I have one leg shorter than the other, and have been unable to put both heels down for most of my life, with very tight hamstrings. Jacqui worked on this initially. I am now able to put both heels down when I walk, my hamstrings have stretched but also relaxed, and my calves are less solid. My stance and posture have improved. Jacqui has also treated my neck problems, which have been less severe as a result of improved posture.

She has equipped me with an understanding of what I need to work on, and the exercises to do that. I would recommend her very highly.”

Debra, neck pain and limited mobility, 43

“For a long time I’d wanted to get out running regularly, but had always found my attempts to achieve this cut short by persistent knee and foot pain.

Following a recommendation from a friend, my wife booked me in for an initial review session with Jacqui at The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice to see not just whether she could get me fit enough to start running again, but keep me running.

I’d half expected to come away from my first visit and assessment with a recommendation to give up on the idea of being a runner, but instead was given a number of simple and easy to remember exercises to perform to improve and strengthen my foot position. Following this exercise regime over a number of weeks helped me get to the point where I could start one of those “0 to 5k in x weeks” running plans and set myself the goal of running the Chevin Chase some 2 months away.

The combination of religiously following my structured running plan and a regime of exercises and stretches from Jacqui helped me achieve that initial aim of lining up on the start line for the Chevin Chase on Boxing Day 2012. I may have been one of the last to finish, but I ran most of the way and didn’t have any significant aches and pains afterwards. So what to do next?

Since then, I’ve remained injury free and, with the help of the recommended exercises, stretches and occasional maintenance visits to Jacqui, have completed my first fell race at Flower Scar, the Haworth Hobble (a 32 mile jaunt through some stunning West Yorkshire scenery) and Blubberhouses Moor (a mere 25 miles up a few hills and down a few dales).

Throughout it all, Jacqui has offered clear, no nonsense advice, fixed niggles and played a key part in helping me achieve my goal of not just starting to run again, but keeping running.”

Rick, long distance walker and runner

“I have known and been treated by Jacqui for approximately 18 months. Treatment has been related to both sports injuries and general wear and tear! Jacqui has also treated my 17 year old daughter, Katherine, who fences at county and national level. Katherine unfortunately broke her thumb at a competition and Jacqui was massively instrumental in helping with her recovery so that she could compete six weeks later at the Junior National Championships.

Treatment has always been given in a pro-active and professional way. Her approach is open and friendly and, with regard to my daughter, she has always spoken to her in an ‘adult’ way which creates an easy and positive atmosphere. I am very grateful to the help and advice Jacqui has given us.”

Alison, runner & daughter Katherine, 17, fencer

“Severe arthritis in my left knee had caused my left leg to be permanently bent. Apart from the pain in my knee, this had thrown out my whole spine, causing severe back pain and frightening headaches. I had become almost immobile and was resigned to having surgery.

Over a period of about six months Jacqui gave me deep massage and focused exercises, with a view to getting myself fit for knee replacement. However, I can now straighten my leg, I have no back pain and can walk normally, without much discomfort. This means I can exercise again and my knee continues to improve.

Thanks to Jacqui’s expert treatment, surgery is on the back burner for the foreseeable future.”

Prue, 59, Bingley

“I went to The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice because I was in agony with my lower back, caused mainly by long periods sitting incorrectly at my desk at work, and not helped by riding and looking after horses in my spare time. Not only did Jacqui provide ‘hands on’ treatment for my back, she also made gave me exercises to do at home to improve my core strength and suggested ways to avoid the problem recurring in future.

The service is always friendly and flexible, with early morning or evening appointments available to fit round my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Jacqui to anyone, and often do.

Alison Wheelock, Managing Director Verner Wheelock

“I’m 51 and still playing local league cricket. I tore my left hamstring badly this year and, on the basis of what happened when I had a minor tear in my right one many years ago, expected to be in pain for months, walking with a stick etc. A friend had recommended Jacqui Taylor and I’m very glad I went. Jacqui was able to get me pain-free quickly, playing again within six weeks, and sorted out a chronic Achilles problem at the same time. I’d recommend her strongly.”

Kenny, treated for hamstring tear and Achilles Tendinopathy

“I began to see Jacqui a few months before I had to have my hip replaced. Jacqui really helped and supported me in the run up to my decision to get my hip replaced, and has worked with me following the replacement too. We have worked together to agree realistic goals, readjusting exercises as required, even when my hip was really bad just before my replacement we still found some exercises that I could work on.

Following my hip replacement we have worked together on a plan that I can fit in around my life which is already busy as a mum to two young children and a part time job. Jacqui has helped me to create a structured exercise plan that is realistic and achievable, and has also given me advice on my swimming technique and given me the confidence to get back in the gym.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqui who has really helped me recover from my operation, continuing to build muscle strength whilst keeping a positive mental attitude. Jacqui is always professional and friendly and I would fully recommend her, thanks Jacqui!!”

Rachel, 35, Shipley

“As a runner I made the fatal mistake of doing too much, too fast and too frequent. I developed a groin injury which then messed up my ankle joint and it was all downhill from there. It’s easy to think you can try and run through injuries, but unfortunately things got progressively worse. After my first session with Jacqui at Bingley physiotherapy there was a clear diagnosis of the cause and the various weak points quickly identified. After a number of sessions with some magic taping, manipulation/massage and specific training exercises things eased off and I am now running stronger with improved posture and form. I have managed to keep running through the injury and treatment and as a result my fitness hasn’t suffered.

As a runner and a local NHS consultant, I would strongly recommend without reservation Bingley Physiotherapy offering a skilled, professional assessment and individualised treatment plan.”

Dr Simon Frazer, Saltaire Striders and NHS Consultant


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