Skinny Bob meets Danny

So Saturday was the big day when I got to meet our newest team member!

Danny is joining us in April, but popped in on Saturday to spend a bit of time with Jacqui and myself. Can’t believe we forgot to do the obligatory selfie! Will have to collar, or ’Clavicle’ him on his first day. (did you see what I did there? )

I love helping out with inductions and training, although having the two of them ‘critique’ my posture was a bit gruelling, (mind you least I didn’t have it as bad as Liz. I’m still Penne pasta, just, Liz is twisted like the best Fusilli!)

So, what can I tell you about Danny? He’s really bright and knows his stuff (glad it wasn’t me having to answer Jacqui’s tough questions!) He’s a bit of a golfer and we’ve managed to get him as he’s moving back to the right side of the Pennines after working and living in Liverpool for the past few years.

Can’t wait for him to start, and at least it’s getting our numbers up, there will be 3 of us chaps to the 5 women who work here 😉

Oh, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about with the Penne and Fusilli pasta thing, check out the website for an explanation of the ‘Integrated Systems Model’ and Thoracic Ring Approach’ It’s really cool stuff

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