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Did we make you feel better? Did those aches and pains get easier after you’d had some hands-on physiotherapy treatment, and an individualised program to help you move better and feel better?

We hope so….  we know that lots of you are already great at telling your friends about us.

And we really love you for it. It’s what keeps us busy……..

What you might not know is that YOU can get discount off your next treatment session when you refer a new client to us and they attend for a treatment.

When someone you’ve recommended attends their initial consultation, be sure to tell them to mention your name so that you can go on to our list of ‘happy customers’ and get 20% off your next session.

But it doesn’t end there…..keep spreading the word and you’ll keep getting discounts off treatments.

Then when you’ve referred 10 people you can have lunch on us at a local cafe with a £20 gift voucher.

So don’t delay……start referring today!

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