Pickled in chlorine….what a great way to start

Our 10 Year Challenge got off to a flying start – or maybe I should say a big SPLASH – on Friday with the 10 km Swim Relay.

Our initial intention was that myself, Liz and the other members of the team would do the lengths between us. As we got closer to the day, I had a mild panic that I was going to have to swim 200 lengths and that we were in danger of not doing it within the allotted time frame.

So I put out a wee cry for help…. otherwise in this modern day and age known as posting on Facebook and tagging some of the good swimmers I know.

Then something great happened. Not only did those that I’d tagged come back to me and say “sure, of course I can swim for you”, a group of other people offered to help. Some of them good swimmers, some less so, some of them people we know well at the practice, some that are ‘friends of friends’.

People offering to give up some of their time on a Friday to come and help us out.

As much as I dislike Social Media at times, instances like these demonstrate how it can connect people in a way that wouldn’t have happen before.

The outcome was that we swam the 10km well within the time, we got to spend time with others who we wouldn’t have seen, there was the chance to watch how effortless front crawl looks when it’s done properly¬† and I only had to swim 90 lengths!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable few few hours…….. despite Liz and I feeling like we’d been¬†pickled in chlorine!




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