Get excited! Only One Week to go!

It’s a week to go!

Next Sunday – 24th June Liz and I take part in the Cholmondeley Castle Olympic Distance Triathlon.

We’ll be taking on the 1500m open water swim, 44km bike ride and 10km run through the grounds of the beautiful Cholmondeley Castle. as part of our 10 Year Challenge fund raising event for 3 local charities

  • RDA Riverside
  • National Autistic Society
  • Carers Resource


This will be Liz’s First Open Water Swimming Event and 4 Years since I did my last, and only other, Open Water event. It’s been quite a bumpy journey but we’re almost there.

I know you may not think so but this IS a big deal for both of us and we really hope that you can support us in our efforts by donating something on our just giving pages.

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