Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame – You have that story!

There are many ways to explain what physiotherapists can treat and how they may help you fix your bad back/neck/knee.

When people ask, “What do physios do?” – they are typically given a technical reply about releasing muscles and mobilising joints, using exercises for rehabilitation. In our case, we’d talk about how we use the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) to work out what the underlying root cause of your pain is by analysing your meaningful task then, through a clinically reasoned biomechanical assessment, we would work out what region of the body is really driving your problem.

Phew! Sounds complicated, right?

But what if I was to say that what I believe I do is to enable my clients to be able to engage in the activities or pass-times that they are passionate about?

They come to see me because they feel that it is their body that is holding them back. Something is affecting their lives in a way that is significant enough that they would seek out help.

Solving the problem, giving you a diagnosis, naming the exact injury – that is all part of the journey but not what I consider to be the crucial piece in the jigsaw. Knowing you have XYZ ‘injury’ doesn’t help you reach the outcome of living, pain free. We have to work together to determine how we enable you to work with your body and within your lifestyle to correct and re-educate your brain and your body so that it is no longer the limiting factor to you living your life the way in which you desire.

I have the privilege to work closely with so many incredible, interesting and extraordinary people; helping them to achieve their goals, whatever, they may be. I am continually inspired by the amazing successes of my clients, and how diligently they work to accomplish them.

By that I mean all my clients; not only Lizzie who wants to dive off a 10m board; or Simon who can run a marathon in 3 hour 15 minutes; but every single person whom I have had the pleasure with which to work; who accomplishes whatever has meaning for them; who strive to get back to where they want to be.

Introducing our Hall of Fame…….

I had the idea of a Hall of Fame when we moved premises last year – to invite our clients to share their wins and successes; to be an inspiration to others. We have a lovely, spacious reception now where we can showcase all your amazing achievements.

Furthermore, we can relive that joyous feeling of happiness and warmth that we felt when we first learnt that we can helped our clients reach their goal.

That’s the outcome we are striving for.

So that is my invitation to you all. Would you like to share your success and wins and be in our Hall of Fame? We’re not looking for Olympic athletes or record breakers. We want you!

To inspire the next person who walks along our reception corridor, unsure if they will ever be free of their hip pain, even after the operation; or to be able to put their socks on without their back hurting, or run the parkrun without the Achilles pain.

You have that story.

Are you further ahead of that person on the path and can you tell them that they will get there?

My goal is to fill the wall in reception with photographs of all the wonderful people that I have worked with. To be inspired every day as I recall their stories and share their success with others.

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