Find out more about our new exercise centred services

Find out more about our new exercise centred services

Did you know we offer fantastic injury prevention classes and 1-to-1 rehab and prehab for those who need injury prevention that’s tailored to them?

Our classes offer a more generalised programme open to anyone whereas our 1-to-1 rehab and prehab will be tailored specific to your individual needs and goals.

Both these services offer a great way to improve your body and reduce your risk of injury and are open to anyone no matter of their ability or their end goals.


Our classes are opportunities for people to learn and develop exercises under the supervision of our clinical team. Each class will have a main aim that all the exercises work toward, for example injury prevention. The exercises will be easily taught to you so that you could perform them at home if you chose to do so.

This means that any difficulties or differences in the performing of the exercises can be easily corrected and adapted for your body’s needs.

The classes provide a group of around 6 to develop together in a fun environment.

We currently offer 2 classes:

Introduction to strength and conditioning – Wednesdays 7pm and Thursdays 7:15pm

This class aims to build up your body’s functional strength and condition it to reduce your risk of injury. The exercises are bodyweight or with minimal weight and are explained in a nice simple way for anyone to participate.

The exercises in this class do give those who wish to further their strength training, the opportunity to further progress the difficulty and weights used in these exercises if they wished to do so. This is done by producing a platform to base your training up from.

In this class you will receive a programme which aims to reduce injuries by building up your functional strength. This doesn’t mean you need to lift massive weights or be a bodybuilder. Functional strength is all about your body being able to work at its optimal level.

Getting Active Without Getting Injured – Fridays 11:15am

This new class we offer is aimed to help those starting new sports or wishing to get more active and want to reduce their likelihood of injury.

Working on fundamental exercises and principles of injury prevention this class will provide you with the tools you need to begin your journey in the right way and give you the strong foundations to build up your activity levels.

This class offers a general programme which is useful for both sporting goals and non-sporting goals. So if you wish to start running, cycling, playing a team sport or you just wish to do some more walking (as long as the weather is nice) then this is the class for you.

1-to-1 Rehab and Prehab

Rehabilitation is the process of getting yourself back from an injury to reach you goal, whether that be playing sport or just being able to walk to work comfortably.

Prehabilitation is where we can put things in place to try and prevent injuries reoccurring or happening in the first place. This is most commonly through exercise injury prevention programmes but can also include manual treatments too.

Both rehab and prehab work in similar ways by first understanding a person’s personal goals and the working out how best we can reach those goals.

This then gives the basis for what areas need to be targeted and what exercises and treatments will achieve this in the best way. This is called a needs analysis where we can plan your exact needs.

This works best in 1-to-1 scenarios as everyone’s needs are different even if they have the same end goals. Each session will be prepared to meet your needs analysis. You will complete various exercises in the session then be given some key exercises to do at home before your next session.

If you wish to know more about our classes and 1-to-1 rehab/prehab or if you wish to book one of these amazing services then contact us by email,, or by phone, 01274 565 669.

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