The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice Client information for In-Person Physiotherapy Consults

The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice Client information for In-Person Physiotherapy Consults


The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice Limited is now open for in-person Physiotherapy consultations. We have put the following measures in place to reduce the risk to our staff, patients and to public health. If you are considering coming for an in-person appointment it is essential that you read the following.


The Bingley Physiotherapy Practice wants to reassure all clients that our practice is a safe environment for all to attend. Following government and professional body guidelines our guidelines have been drafted to ensure the public’s safety. The safety of you, your family members and our staff is our number one priority.

  • We have modified our booking procedures to maintain social distancing requirements that take priority over occupancy limits. Members of the public must adhere to the two-metre distance rule in our facility.
  • We have acquired all the necessary PPE essential in protecting and preventing the spread of COVID19.
  • Appointment times will be staggered if there is more than one therapist seeing clients at a time to minimise the number of people in reception.
  • Appointments will be spaced so that there are fifteen minutes between appointments. This will enable the therapist to have time to change PPE and clean all surfaces that have been touched by either the therapist or clients with alcohol-based spray. This includes the plinths, seat handles, door handles, tap and light switches of the treatment room and the toilet if it is used during the client’s visit.
  • The practice will be cleaned daily.
  • We have removed all books, magazines, literature, brochures from reception and keeping paper receipts to a minimum by taking payment in advance online and emailing all receipts where possible.


Your therapist will be wearing the following PPE at your appointment as appropriate.  this is in line with  current guidelines:

  • IIR facemask
  • Non-latex gloves (single use) as appropriate
  • Apron (single use) as appropriate
  • Eye protection goggles/glasses as appropriate


  • We advise that you continue with online physiotherapy consults unless there is clinical need to have hands on physiotherapy. You will have a video or telephone consultation with your physiotherapist before coming into the clinic so that they can assess the need for an in-person consultation. This is in line with the recommendations from our regulatory body The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We can provide you with further detail on these if required.
  • We have done everything we can to reduce the risk of our therapists and clients contracting Covid-19. However, if you come for an in-person consult, please be aware that there is no way that we can eliminate the risk of you contracting Covid-19.
  • Pre-Consult Screening Questionnaire – we are asking clients to help us maintain a healthy and safe environment in our practice by answering pre-consult screening questions truthfully.
  • You will be asked to sign attesting to the pre-consult screening questions upon each visit.
  • The screening questions will apply to those that accompany clients to the practice. We request that you only have someone accompany you to an appointment when absolutely necessary.
  • Please do not come in if you have not been following the government guidelines for social distancing. If you are unsure of these please follow this link
  • Please do not come in if either you or one of your household has been ill in the last two weeks. Including, but not exclusively, the following symptoms: fever over 38 degrees, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, head aches or fatigue.
  • Our admin and/or therapy staff will collect screening information at time of booking and again in person at time of appointment.
  • The pre-screening questions will be available through our online booking system, email reminders, and via the phone or in practice through our reception team.
  • We will still have our 24-hour cancellation policy in place with leniency toward illness related circumstances. We will not charge anyone for a missed appointment who suddenly comes down with symptoms of an illness or a member of the family that requires immediate attention.


To meet our commitment to client safety and to comply with social distancing measures, we must make some changes to how our clients access the practice

When coming into the practice we ask you to follow the following procedures. We may be forces to terminate your appointment if you are not able to do so and you will still be liable for the cost of the session:

  • Please sign and return the Pre-Consult Screening Questionnaire that you will be sent by email before attending your appointment.
  • Please can you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and not early. If your early, we may have to ask you to wait  in your car,  or outside (weather permitting) as we will not have room for more than one person to wait in reception to comply with for social distancing measures.
  • Please bring a face mask which you will be asked to wear once you are required to be within 2 metres of your therapist. Please do not bring gloves, we will ask you to remove them upon entry. Gloves are a false sense of security and does not replace hand washing. If you do not have a facemask please follow the government guidelines on making your own face cover here:

We do have face masks in the practice that you can purchase from us if you do not have a mask. 

  • We will ask you to carefully clean your hands with alcohol-based gel before you enter the practice. Hand sanitiser will also be available in reception for you to use upon entry to the practice.
  • For those of you that reside close to our practice, we would appreciate if you use the toilet facilities at your home before attending. For others that travel a distance we can accommodate you. The toilet facilities must be cleaned after each use. If the facility must be used, upon exiting, we politely ask that you wipe down the toilet area with the products provided and you must re-sanitise your hands, prior to entry of any treatment room.
  • You will be directed to our reception team to rebook your appointments. There will be visible floor markers to indicate where one should stand if multiple patrons are at the front desk. We ask you to fill one of the empty floor markers if required to wait. Your receipts will now be emailed, printed copies will not be provided.
  • At present we are asking that clients please pay in advance at the time of booking or their consults by bank transfer to minimise contact points and time in the practice/reception area. If that is not possible, we can take a payment by card over the telephone prior to the session.

If you have any questions regarding your in-person or online consultations, please do not hesitate to contact us on


If you are on FACEBOOK then please join our group to keep up to date with all that we are doing and what I hope are other helpful resources to keep you moving and healthy at this time.


I have also been working on another initiative to support companies who find themselves with their staff working from home and without the proper ‘home office’ to do so. After 7 or more weeks of this, people are starting to have problems with back, neck and shoulder pain – among other things, which neither the company nor the individual wish to see become a long term issue. Further details of the training package can be found here – please do get in touch with me directly at

In summary, we can now offer in-person physiotherapy consults so please do call use to discuss this with one of the team. We are following a process of an initial telephone triage to discuss whether it is appropriate to attend in-person. We are continuing to offer online consults if this is more suitable for your circumstances. So if you, or someone you know is struggling, please call us on 01274 565669 and book a session with one of the team.

I would personally like to thank all of our clients for their support and patience at this time. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and thank you for your ongoing support. It is so great to be able to see some of you back in the practice and to be able to continue to help and serve you.

My very best wishes


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