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Hi Guys, Skinny Bob here,

Hope you’re all well and the week’s been good to you so far!

What about that snow this morning? And there was me thinking that the winter was over and I could put my wellies away!

So the sight of all that snow just got me thinking about what I like to do when it snows…. there is only one real option for me when it came to choosing an activity to do and that’s Skiing!

Okay, so you dudes out there who snow board will be thinking ‘Skiing’s so 1980’s’ but seriously, skiing is where it’s at! It’s the oldest of the winter sports and in my mind the purest.

Most of us only get to spend a week on the slopes so you really need to prepare yourself to get the most out of your trip.

So for any of you lucky people who have a skiing holiday coming up…or those who might just throw caution to the wind and book one last minute as the conditions are GREAT at the moment in Europe for skiing….here are my top tips.

Holiday prep needs to start a good 6 weeks ahead, with plenty of strength work for your legs, but don’t neglect your cardio, you’ll be amazed how much longer you’ll last on the slopes if you are fitter and so tire less. And when you set out on that first run of the day, on the freshly pisted slopes, just take it easy for the first run or two to warm up your muscles and take in the gorgeous scenery and fresh mountain air,

Although we don’t like to think about it, we have to face up to the fact that winter sports are dangerous, so the fitter and stronger you are, the less you’ll fatigue which will lead to less likelihood of injury.

It’s always worth having a lesson or two to refresh your skills before you go, especially if you’ve not been for a while. Plus a few trips to the snow dome will get your legs nicely prepped for the slopes.

I love hearing about your adventures so let me know your favourite winter resort. I love Obergurgl in Austria for it’s lovely cabins, tasty bratwurst and Gluhwein (I have to go easy on the Gluhwein though, after 1 I’m any body’s, after 2 I’m everybody’s!)

Keep safe and hope to hear from you soon..

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