Let the Challenge begin……

So today saw the start of our ’10 Year Challenge’ to celebrate entering our 10th year in business –  Liz and I had to planned to take part in ‘The Chevin Chase’ – the 7 mile run from Guiseley over Otley Chevin that takes place each Boxing Day.

It has seemed that the odds have been stacked against me for most of December after I got a chest infection at the start of the month that knocked me off my feet for over two weeks. However, after managing almost a week without coughing every 5 minutes I was determined to take part. One of my personal challenges to myself in recent  months is to stick to what I plan to do, even if my preparation has not been all that it could have been. This is what dragged me around at Ilkley Triathlon back in September so I was hopeful the same attitude would work today.

I was momentarily blown off course when Liz fell foul of a cold too and decided (almost at the 11th hour – well 07.24 this morning) that she couldn’t race today. Undeterred, and now with Liz and Jess (my dog)  as my support crew, we headed over the Guiseley.

Having not run for the entire month of December and with a new pair of trail shoes that I’d only worn once before what could possibly go wrong? I didn’t even have a Christmas Costume on! Then it was 11am and we were off!

I’m not sure whether it was a help or a hindrance that I’d done the event 4 years ago and therefore knew what was coming….I don’t recall that initial uphill being so long…and it definitely wasn’t so muddy last time. The climb up to Surprise View didn’t seem as bad as last time …surprisingly!

As always the marshals and the supporters are amazing and all add to the wonderful shared experience of nearly 1000 people turning up on a cold and wet Boxing Day to put themselves through varying degrees of pain, suffering and joy! For the most part there was a lot of the first two for me until I saw Liz and Jess near the finish line…then I did feel joy that I’d made it to the end.

I didn’t achieve the time I was hoping for a month ago when the training was all going well but I was ever so slightly quicker than last time….so I’ll take that with a big smile on my face. And maybe part of me enjoyed it ………

We are doing these challenges to raise money for three local Charities. Please use the links below to donate money to support these good causes.

Riverside RDA  – Based at Raven Royd Farm Bingley, offering riding for Disabled Children.


Carers’ Resource – The Shipley Branch helps families and individuals care for loved ones and ensures the carer’s needs are also looked after, in our local area.

The National Autistic Society Supporting families with children with Autism. This is the Bingley and Keighley Group



Our next challenge is our 10km swim on 26th January…..

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