Exercise of the Month – December

This month’s exercise is…

…The Squat

The squat is an exercise most people have heard of but aren’t always sure how to do. It can be helpful in improving your lower limb strength and is the basis of many other lower limb exercises targeting everything from stability to explosive power.

It is therefore a fundamental exercise and that is why it is our very first exercise of the month.

We have provided you with 3 variations of the squat in varying difficulties. If you are new to this exercise, start of on the easy level and work your way up.

In the video we go through how to do each variation and give you a visual demonstration.

Below is a table outlying in more detail each of the 3 variations.

We have provided a guide on sets and reps. These can be adjusted slightly down if you are finding them hard or up if you are finding them slightly too easy.

VariationExerciseSets and RepsNotes
EasyChair Squats5 x 5Arms cross across your chest
Nice and slow down onto the chair
Take a moment before coming up out of the chair nice and slow again
Make sure to not shift to one side of become dominant on one side
Must stay even across both legs
ModerateBodyweight Squat4 x 12Hands out in front of the body for more accurate back squat biomechanics
Slow and controlled throughout the full movement down and up
Work in a comfortable range for you
Make sure weight stays central and don’t sway or twist to one side
HardGoblet Squat4 x 8Feet slightly further apart than your shoulders
Hold weight close to your chest
Go as low as you can and keep elbows inside the line of your legs
Drive up through the heels

We hope you enjoy this month’s exercise.

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