Exercise of the Month – February

The exercise of the month for February is…

…Scapula Setting

The scapula (shoulder blade) is an integral part of the body. It helps to control shoulder movement as well as its massive impact on posture. Because of this impact on posture it can lead to pains and muscle imbalances when the scapula isn’t controlled efficiently. Scapula control is important for anyone as it impacts all varieties of movement from simple things such as putting a t-shirt on, to high intensity sporting movements such as a tackle or pass in rugby. All upper body movement have links to your scapula control.

This month’s set of exercises will help to train your scapula activation and control, allowing you to set your scapula into an optimal position. Through correct activation you can improve your posture and move more efficiently, therefore reducing your risk of injury and avoiding any setbacks in your training and day to day life.

We have provided you with 3 scapula setting exercises of varying difficulties. If you are new to this exercise, start of on the easy level and work your way up.

In the video we go through how to do each variation and give you a visual demonstration.

Below is a table outlying in more detail each of the 3 variations.

We have provided a guide on sets and reps. These can be adjusted slightly down if you are finding them hard or up if you are finding them slightly too easy.

We hope you enjoy this month’s exercise.

If you have any questions, contact us via email or by phone.

01274 565 669 office@bingleyphysio.com

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